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15 Best Golang Libraries and Packages

  • By Agira Technologies
  • December 26, 2019

Golang is a multi-purpose programming language. Developers build fast, reliable and easy to build apps with Golang. Over the years from its release, Go has become more stable and an easily adopted language with strong community support, which expands to date.
Golang has fabulous documentation which actually narrows the scope which relatively can be added in your project. Go is used for huge projects that can incorporate into massive large scale distributed systems.
Today, we look into the best libraries and packages to make working with Go even easier.


GORM is the most popular DB libraries for Go. It is a full-featured object-relational mapping library for Golang. GORM is a developer-friendly tool for converting data between incompatible type systems. It is specially designed to minimize the rewritten codes when switching between type systems. GORM provides SQL builders, RAW SQL, auto migration tools, Extendable plugins for customization. All the features in GORM come with its own tests so that developers can easily try something new without borking the whole system.

2. Gen

Gen tool generates code for you. The tools help to generate type aware code in particular which tries to alleviate the gap of lacking templates in Golang. With no runtime magic, annotates your types with a special comment and generate source files.

3. Goose

Managing the schema is the primary task when working on relational databases. In some organizations, modifying the DB schema is considered a daunting experience. Goose packages allow the developers to easily perform schema changes and data migrations if required. It works by versioning the schema, using migration files corresponding to each schema. The migrations files can be SQL or Go commands.

4. cli

cli is a simple and fast package for building command-line apps for Golang. It allows the developers to develop their own expressive command-line apps. cli is used for creating flags, bash-completion routines and generates help texts. cli is fast, fun and playful when you code for an API.

5. Go Kit

Go Kit is GitHub’s most popular standard library for Go related Microservice. This library offers specialized support for microservices. Go kit addresses the gap between functions such as RPC safety, infrastructure integration, system observability, and program design. It also provides guidance for building distributed systems with a solution to common problems.

6. Vegeta

Vegeta is a tool used for HTTP load testing. This versatile tool was specially designed for testing HTTP services with a constant request rate. It works efficiently on analyzing the weak points of the program. Vegeta is one of the libraries that work throughout to improve the overall performance. It is presumably named after the Saiyan prince for its attack both targeted and distributed functions as a load tester.

7. Authboss

Authboss is a library for Go and also a modular web authentication system. This is an effective time-saver, it has several common authentication and authorization modules left for the developer’s choice. It is an easy way to integrate it, even without web frameworks and use it for fixing the bugs.

8. Glide

Glide is a package manager for Go. Glides offer help to manage each program in its own vendor directory of package dependencies. It comes with the support of aliasing packages, versioning packages, support for custom local-global plugins, and easily manages and install-on-demand dependencies, resolves version differences and works with more tools.

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9. Ginkgo

Ginkgo is a Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) testing framework. It allows you to write your tests in a syntax that resembles the English language, which makes it easy for people with less or no technical knowledge to review the tests or outputs which match the requirements of the business. It has a stylish test specification to integrate with Go’s inbuilt testing package and is often combined with Gomega.

10. Docker

Docker is a service product that is used for OS-level virtualization to deliver software in packages called containers. As it comes from the DevOps family most of the developers are not aware that Docker is implemented in Go. Docker is used in significant projects and becoming popular for Go projects.

11. Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration platform for cloud-native applications. It is a distributed system implemented in Go. Kubernetes is flexible and comes with extendable and customizable plugins for use.

12. Fuzzy

Fuzzy is a dependency-free Go library, it is used to match fuzzy strings. It is optimized for file names and code symbols. It provides speed and intuitive matching within milliseconds. Fuzzy determines quality matches according to its own internal logic. Fuzzy is Unicode aware and can parse IntelliJ IDEA, VScode, SublimeText and more.

13. mgo

mgo is a library for Golang. It is a MongoDB driver that implements rich functionalities under a simple API standard for Go idioms. With mgo, you get superior performance with Flexible serialization. It has the support of GridFS and Failover managements. Another main advantage, it is fast and actively maintained with authentication support for pooling integration.

14. NSQ

NSQ is a robust distributed queue. It is primarily used for a building block for large scale distributed systems. It is a simple TCP protocol that supports client libraries in any language. It is a combination of load-balanced and multicast style message routing. There are few dependencies that are easy to deploy with the default configuration. There is no need for the client library to publish the HTTP interface for stats.

15. Etcd

Etcd is a reliable distributed key-Value store. It is a simple, well defines user-facing API. The server can be easily implemented and the Goe client interacts with it through gRPC. It is highly secure with automatic TLS with authentication, Fast and reliable with properly distributed using Raft.

Final Say!

Golang is awesome to work with. There are numerous packages and libraries available for Go that help developers in the development of applications. It is a simple and easily approachable language. We have introduced you to some of the high-quality libraries for use. Feel free to share your suggestions on the library you wish to be on this list.
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