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The legacy of utilizing data opens up a space for endless opportunities. Evolving from displaying a traditional static map to presenting an interactive user- friendly maps, GIS has grown exponentially. GIS digitally creates a wide range of new opportunities every day by utilizing & improving spatial information more effectively.

Ranging from data analysis to data visualization, GIS provides exceptional data distribution services for all the evolving industries by empowering all-inclusive geographical information like Data Conversion, Location management, identifying spatial & non Spatial information that ensures to analyze, interpret, question, and visualize data in a map more effectively.

Services We Offer

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    Mobile GIS application solutions
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    Web GIS application to visualize, manage and analyze spatial data
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    Geospatial Database design and development
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    Web and Desktop spatial information systems
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    GIS Integration with existing systems
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    Electronic Document Integration with GIS
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    GIS CRM and ERP Integration
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    GIS eBusiness/eGovernment Integration
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    GIS Legacy Database Integration

The industry sectors where GIS plays major roles

  • Agriculture

    Helping farmers in increasing production, reducing costs, and managing their land resources more efficiently. GIS application in agriculture such as agricultural mapping plays a vital role in monitoring and management of soil and irrigation of any given farm land.

  • Retail

    Cross-reference internal customer data to find the most promising geographic areas and new markets. Improve marketing programs based on neighbourhoods and households that match the most profitable customer lifestyles and buying habits

  • Financial Services

    Match your product offerings to the needs of local residents and daytime workers. Gain greater insight into customers’ interactions, financial behavior, and needs for additional products or services through neighborhood studies and territory analysis.

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

    Tailor products and marketing efforts to the needs of households with the profile of ideal customers, customer needs and their lifestyles. Automate marketing processes such as customer segmentation, customer data integration, and campaign management.

  • Health

    Centralize patients’ health information and increase market intelligence. Discover new customer needs in local markets, understand health-specific attitudes, and expand the effectiveness of your agency’s response to growing demands and limited budgets.

  • Utilities

    Forecast the adoption and “take-up” rates for initiatives down to the street and substation levels. Increase market intelligence while optimizing the use of networks, reducing outages, and improving overall customer service and loyalty.

  • Real Estate

    Understand where and how to market real estate developments, attract buyers and tenants, and improve retention rates. Analyze demographics and market conditions to provide a more accurate picture of a property’s suitability to needs.

  • Telecommunications

    Integrate network & customer data to analyze competitive activities, customer churn, & general market trends. Develop strategic marketing and network expansion plans based on improved understanding of competition, customers, & market potential.

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Agira Technologies specializes in crafting solutions for entrepreneurs, medium sized organizations, agencies, and start-ups. With a blend of ingenious expertise, system prowess, and cloud compatibility Agira Technologies endeavors to maximize the profit that clients educe from their IT investment. We deliver full-cycle product development, from scoping through production to deployment and support, with keen attention to detail.
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How GIS helps in

Transforming your business by focusing on key areas

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    GIS apps which we deliver works on your mobile phones, tablets, web browsers, and on desktops.

    Some of our Apps are Mobile GIS app, Web GIS app, Desktop spatial solutions.

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    Maps are the core geographic component for data layers and analytics for GIS. GIS maps are easily shared and it can be embedded in apps.

    It is easily accessible by virtually everyone across different geographical locations.

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    GIS data includes features, imagery and base maps linked with spreadsheets and tables.

    It integrates different kinds of data layers with the help of geo spatial locations.

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    Our solutions are compatible for integration with existing systems to empower your business.

    Some of the major integrations are with CRM and ERP integration, eBusiness/eGovernment Integration, Electronic Document integration and Legacy Database integration.

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    Geo spatial analysis helps to evaluate estimate and predict, suitability and capability, analysis and understand.

    It provides new perspectives to obtain insights and decision-making.


About Agira Expertise In GIS

Agira GIS services driven by a bunch of talented GIS specialist who constantly explores new possibilities of GIS and provides a wide range of geospatial solutions across the globe. Our specialized GIS team can help you to develop innovative solutions which integrates geographic information with niche business applications.

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With the continuous depth analysis over millions of data from your industry, our GIS experts will identify & integrate the knowledge of technology, people and business with geographic zones to develop innovative and potential services to clients across diverse region.

Agira GIS team trained in such a way to surpass your expectation by providing fully functional & effective data that will drill down all the possibilities to boost your business revenue system through spatial solutions.

Customers stories


What is a Geographic Information System (GIS)?

GIS is computer software, data, hardware, application, producers combined to observe, manipulate, analyze geographic data and locations. GIS refers to geographical concepts, different technologies, techniques, and methods.

What are the uses of GIS?

GIS is operated on many levels. As many are related to planning, management, transport, insurance, telecommunications, businesses, and engineering. It is the foundation of location intelligence and location-enabled services that rely on analysis and visualization.

What is your procedure for working on outsourcing projects?

We ensure that your outsourcing project will be a success. We have a unique approach that goes beyond quality assurance and cost-effectiveness. We carefully study our client’s requirements and then deploy with our own business outsourcing tactics that help our client’s business expansion with transparency. You can regularly give feedback about the progress of your projects.

How would GIS outsourcing support my business?

Agira’s GIS and mapping services can drive dynamic difference to your growing business. Be it productivity or sales, our work doesn’t rely on guesswork, we provide additional insights about the changes and the details of the situation with our intuitive GIS solutions.

Can I get professional support for services my project requires?

Yes, of course. We provide technical support with our GIS professionals to fulfill the requirements of our clients.

How do you present your GIS data?

It depends upon the requirements of our clients, we produce data in various forms that are convenient presentations like for utility mapping or digital drawing in CD/ Drive form for extensive investigation.

How do you assure quality for my project?

We aim to provide the projects with high-quality services that meet the requirements of our valuable customers by ensuring consistent customer relationships with our clients.

What are the other fields of services do you offer?

We also specialize in successfully delivering web, mobile and desktop developments to our clients. We have been working with brands with competency which enables us to work towards more innovation and unique solutions that users love. We have extensively experienced professionals with great knowledge of various technology trends to help your business in dominating your industry niche.