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CRUD Operation With Laravel 5.7 – Learn Everything From Scratch!

Laravel continuously releasing it’s new versions with stable features and advanced life time support which is well maintained and equally balanced to get the job done. Definitely Laravel gonna be the big advantage if you guys planning to hit the big projects. While wondering upon these advanced features of Laravel, today am planning to discuss about the CRUD operation with Laravel 5.7 in detail. Before getting into it, you can also have a quick look on my recent blogs on Laravel, hope that could you to understand the laravel better.

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Install Laravel 5.7

Run the below command to install laravel,


Setup Database Configuration

You can do all the database setup configuration on .env file.

Create Table

Comment to create table,


Go to path “database/migrations” and here you can change the migration file of profile table,

Use the below command to migrate.


Creating Controller

Run the below command to create a controller and model,


You can see the created controller on “app/Http/Controllers/”

Creating Routes

Run the following command to add the routes inside the web.php file of routes folder.


Create Default Methods In Product Controller

Above listed methods are the default methods in ProfileController

Write The Code For CRUD Operation

Here you can see the entire process of CRUD operation,


Creating  blade files In Laravel 5.7

We have 5 blade files,

  • Layout.blade.php
  • Index.blade.php
  • Create.blade.php
  • Edit.blade.php
  • Show.blade.php















Run the below command to run the local server


Now you can see my local server successfully running here http://localhost:8000/profiles

We almost covered all the crud operation with laravel 5.7. In laravel 5.7 also has some cool features like laravel nova, email verification, guest user gates/policies are the some of the new features in laravel 5.7. Parallely, Laravel is getting updated faster than the other frameworks so will continue to look more about the updates of laravel 5.7 and the upcoming features of Laravel later. If you have any queries related to this, then the comment box is open for you! you can post your queries will surely help you out!

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