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5 best way to style react js components

5 Best Way to Style React Components

In React, there are different approaches to style the Components. Each approach has some benefits and drawbacks. So choosing a single approach won’t serve the purpose. Use all of them wherever appropriate...


Implementing Web Scraping In Python Using Scrapy

 What Is ScrapyScrapy is an application framework which will act like a web crawler that mainly used to extract the data from the website. Today, our topic is very much bound to explore about Scrapy henc...

How to build interactive CLI with Node

How To Build An Interactive CLI Application With Node.js

 Node JS uses npm – a package manager for the JavaScript programming language that consists a command line client and an online database of public/private packages called the npm registry. To...

How to Deploy Angular Application to Heroku

How To Deploy Angular Application To Heroku

 Being good enough to create an angular application is a great thing! Apparently, everyone knows to develop but only very few of us know to deploy the application in production environment. In this articl...

anniversary blog

The Grand Final Day Celebration Of Agira 3rd Anniversary

It’s time to climb the next ladder of success! Without having a heart to end, ending our grand anniversary celebration of Agira on 17.11.2018 tomorrow,The final day has so much on it’s store to acc...

How to learn trading in cryptocurrencies through Simulators_

Learn Cryptocurrency Trading Through Simulators

The rise of cryptocurrencies has led to the increase in the number of Crypto-exchanges. In my last blog, I have written on how an organization can own a crypto-exchange. to move with that, one of the biggest ch...

Sending Push Notifications to Android Apps & Angular Apps Using Ruby on Rails

Sending Push Notifications to Android Apps & Angular Apps Using Ruby on Rails

Leave all the conflicts you have with Push notifications, Now, Sending Push Notifications to Android & Angular Apps is actually super cool easy with the help of Ruby on Rails & Pusher service.Pusher is...

What’s new in NativeScript

What’s new in NativeScript

 NativeScript, a framework for native mobile application development leveraging JavaScript technologies, now has Version 4.1 avaiable, as well as Version 1.0 of its NativeScript-Vue open source project av...

Angular vs React - Which is best for web development1

Angular vs React – Which Is Best For Web Development

  Angular JS and React JS both are getting enormous growth in recent times, As the hype increases, developers and enterprises are confused to choose the right one. Before judging through the fame of...

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Blockchain Engineer

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Blockchain Engineer

 In the era of Blockchain, We all are truly scary yet curious to see the future impact of Blockchain in the global market. On the go, Blockchain is a source that allows any individuals to create a busines...