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Geographic Information System

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7 Major Geospatial Technology Trends For 2020

Geospatial technology is a term relating to the collection or processing of data that is associated with geographic mapping & analysis of the Earth and human societies. Some of the widely used Geospatial te...

Lidar technology

What is LiDAR Technology And How Does It Work?

What comes handy for you to reach the place you don’t know? Exactly, we are talking about maps and the driverless cars. Are you aware of the technology behind this whole exciting invention? No matter yes ...

Forest Fire Detection Using Remote Sensing Techniques

Forest Fire Detection Using Remote Sensing Techniques

Forest fire plays a major role in the degradation of the forest area and extremely difficult to control. It affects the essential factors such as climate, water cycle, the habitat of thousands of life forms and...

Topographic Maps From Around the World

Top 10 Topographic Maps From Around the World

In the mapping world, Topographic maps are one of the oldest mapping methods that represent elevation information in contour line format, and it also shows natural & man-made features. In the early times, m...

Coronavirus Outbreak - Real-Time Tracking

Mapping The Novel Coronavirus Outbreak – Real-Time Tracking with GIS and Analysis

On December 31, 2019, an outbreak of “pneumonia-like respiratory illness” was found in Wuhan City, Hubei Province. It is the seventh-largest city in China with over 11 million residents. Later, WHO discovered i...

Spatial Analysis- Patterns in Geography

The Importance of Spatial Analysis in Industries

Spatial data is an essential factor for Geographical Information systems. Today, we will explore a location with proper data with the coordinates. By using coordinates, it is easy to compare or relate the objec...

Free Global DEM Data Sources

5 Free Global DEM Data Sources – Digital Elevation Models

A DEM or digital elevation model is a 3D CG representation of a terrain surface. It is an array of regularly spaced values that are referenced horizontally to a geographic coordinate system. We can explore and ...

Satellite Maps To See Earth in New Ways

30 Best Satellite Maps To See Earth in New Ways

Exploring Earth from the space has been drastically increased and the accuracy of the data is awesome. Thanks to GIS technology, we are currently able to access numerous sources to view the earth through satell...

GIS in Urban Planning

Geographical Information System (GIS) in Urban Planning

Urbanization is the new threat the world is facing! It is one of the major challenges for both developed and developing countries in the world today. As the expansion of the human population and their settlemen...


Image Classification Techniques in Remote Sensing

Image Classification techniques are used to categorize the pixels in the satellite data for differentiating the various earth features such as barren land, forests, roads, settlements, water bodies, rocks based...