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Facebook Container Extension_ Take control of how you're being (1)

Block Facebook Tracking With Facebook Container Extension

Data security is one of the most serious issues in recent days as our privacy and sensitive data are involved. As you can use ad blocks to block the unwanted advertisements from your browser, you can use a simi...


15 Websites To Test Your Code Online

Introduction  As a developer, our main tool to develop code is a code editor.  Most of us prefer Visual studio code, Sublime, etc., This post will be very interesting to the web developers who want to check the...


Top 10 Tech Influencers You Should be Following in 2020 ( USA)

Influencers in the US and around the world have taken marketing to another new level with their ability to convert or aware more people effortlessly. Many marketing Guru’s say that marketing shouldn&#8217...


How To Build A Chrome Extension – The Beginner’s Guide

Building a Chrome extension is not a big deal at all if you understand the fundamentals of its development. You might obviously be knowing what is a Chrome extension.  The chrome extensions are tiny software mo...

50+ SaaS Tools for Every Startup

50+ SaaS Tools for Every Startup To Consider in 2020

Most of the startup survive the heavy competition in the market by using the right tools at the right time. As a start-up or a growing company, you can scale up your productivity 2X better with the best SaaS to...

20 VS Code Shortcuts

20 VS Code Shortcuts for Faster Coding

Shortcuts are the most helpful tools for developers while coding. Hopefully, it gives you a faster and smarter way to do your work. So, let see the best shortcut keys for the boring stuff that needs to be repea...

Automation testing with Selenium webdriver

Automation Testing With Selenium WebDriver

Tired of repeating the tests after each deployment? If you want to make your application testing easier, you’re at the right place. Selenium is an open source framework for making automation testing simpl...

Locators In Protractor & Selenium

Using Locators In Protractor – Automation Testing In Angular

Locators are used in end to end tests for webpages in finding DOM elements. It gets information about the current state of your application. We will have an overview of how you can use locators and perform the ...

agira anniversary

A Celebration Of Success: Agira’s 4th Year Anniversary

Agira Technologies is celebrating its 4th year anniversary for being successful in the web development and services industry. We are happy for lending our hands for our customers throughout these years by devel...