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Building High Performance APIs In Go Using gRPC

As web developers we all the know the importance of APIs in web applications, they are considered as the cornerstones of the applications. APIs directs or defines how one application can talk to another application. As the technology advances, the current applications we build will definitely need a High-performance APIs. So here in this article, I’m going to explain how we can build a high-performance APIs in GO using gRPC and protocol buffers. Before going to the actual procedure lets understand gRPC and protocol buffers.

What is gRPC?

RPC stands for remote procedure call. gRPC is an RPC framework that runs anywhere. It allows the transparent communication between client and server applications.

What are protocol buffers?

Protocol buffers are flexible, efficient, and automated. they serializes structured data – think XML, they are very simple yet fast. After defining our data, by using its compiler called protoc we can generate source code in any programming language. 

Before you begin,

Install gRPC

Use the following command to install gRPC.


Install Protocol Buffers v3

Install the protoc compiler that is used to generate gRPC service code. The simplest way to do this


Next, Install the protoc plugin for Go


Building a sample API in Go:

With the use of gRPC and protocol buffers, here we are going to build an API for example. we use the following directory structure in this application.


Message Types and Service Definition :

Here is the source of person.proto file in person directory. This file is protocol buffer file.


We declare the name “person”. When you generate Go source code from proto file, it will add Go package name as “person”.

Generating Go Code for Client and Server:

After defining proto file, we have to generate source code for the gRPC client and server interfaces. We use protoc with gRPC Go plugin for code generation. Now run this protoc from the root directory of the application.


Now person.pb.go file will be generated in person directory. This gives the code in order to create the server and make client calls.

Creating the gRPC Server:


Creating the gRPC Client:

Now lets create gRPC Client using following code.


For running the gRPC server , we have to run main.go from the directory – server


And for testing RPC method , we have to run main.go from the directory- client

And you can view the output.


Hope this article helped you to build High-performance APIs in Go.

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