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How to Build a Local Events App Like Eventbrite and YPlan

  • By Agira Technologies
  • April 6, 2020

In this digital world, people expect an exclusive app for any of their needs from shopping to planning their local events. The gadgets have made our life more effortless and efficient with multiple apps completely catering to a specific task. Everyone likes to go out and there is always a high demand for events discovering mobile apps or event management applications. If you are planning to build a local events application like Eventbrite or YPlan, it is crucial to know the market status of an application, things to consider before building such application, the technology stack involved, must-have features and the cost to build the application. In this blog, you will get to know all the important details you should know before building a local events app like Eventbrite and YPlan.  

Local Events Application Market

Before getting started with a business application, it is important to check on the demand for the application in the market. This market analysis should involve the best performers in the industry, close competitors and their strategy. Some of the top local events applications are the following.

According to Event MB’s State of the Event Industry Research 2018, nearly 46% of meeting management professionals use organizer applications.

It is the industry leader when it comes to local events application market. This US-based event management and ticketing website let the users browse, create and promote local events. Being founded in 2006, it now has more than 265 million users across 180 countries with average revenue of more than 30 crores (2018).  

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Facebook Local
Being already an industry leader among social media companies, Facebook has an exclusive application for events called Facebook local. This social media network aggregates the user’s event or any local events to their friends, related events and suggestions.  
This ticket booking and event discovery application were found in 2012. The YPlan platform was a London based mobile-first application that enables users to discover events around them and provide them with last-minute deals. 

How to build a local events App?

It might be hard to outdo the industry leaders in your niche, but with a strategic approach, you can do it effortlessly. In order to get started with building a new local events app, you need to know the important factors that you need to consider before building a local events app like Eventbrite. Here are some of the crucial aspects to target.

Planning the niche

There are many different types of event management applications that you should know before you begin developing your app. You will need to fix the type of audience that you are going to target. If you are creating an app for a general audience, you got to target a wide variety of events. Some of the audience of the common events are listed here. 

  • You can focus on business events that add more value to your plan by coordinating the work-related conferences and business meetings.
  • Local events app that targets a specific local area and the fun events or social gathering happening on the weekends or any day. 
  • The festival app can let the users find the areas where the festivals are celebrated and all the other details.

UI/UX Design

Intuitive design is an essential factor despite any industry. When it comes to event management or local event discovery, the app needs to let the user find the required information effortlessly with its user interface and user experience. So, plan your UI and UX with the best in the industry to retain your customers. Also, settling on a solid UI design path is a vital aspect of your app.

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Back-End Development

As the requirements of the industry are demand-based, there is a requirement for a strong back-end. In the event management market, the demand might be less one day and at the last minute, the demand may go to heights. So, it is important to build a scalable, secure and powerful server and database for storing information. 

Front-End Development

it is your responsibility to choose if you want to develop a native or cross-platform application. Get to know the differences between these applications, advantages, and disadvantages over the other before choosing the right type for your business. 

Testing & Launching

This is the final stage of the development where you need to test your app and deploy it. Always provide the best user experience and provide updates on a regular basis to your app. 

Technology Stack of Events Management Application

Some of the top tech stack involved in the development of Eventbrite is that Python and its Django framework, React, nginx and Lodash.

Must-have features of event management app

There is a need for 3 different modules for every event management application. An application for the event organizer, the users or the participants and the admin control panel application or marketplace operator. Here is the list of major features of all of these application modules.

The Main Users Application

  1. Events finder – schedules and listings
  2. User Registration
  3. Filters
  4. Secured Payment – bookings and multiple payment options
  5. Community – Internal social feed and networking
  6. Loyalty programs
  7. Push notifications
  8. City or Location guides – location-based features
  9. Review or engagement management

Other features like bookmarking, image galleries and social sharing are encouraged by many users to enhance their user experience.

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The Event Management Application

  1. Mobile content management system
  2. Custom user schedule and bookmarking
  3. Live chat support
  4. Event organizer registration
  5. Marketing channels and data collection for analysis

The Admin application features

  1. User profile management
  2. Organizer profile management
  3. Manage monetization features

Top ways to monetize your event management application

  1. Ticket charges
  2. Event fees
  3. Premium listing charges
  4. Loyalty program charges
  5. External ad campaigns
  6. Partnerships 

How much does it cost to develop an event app?

Building a business application can involve a lot of risks. And many factors affect the cost of application development. Depending upon the features involved, the timeframe and the budget may vary.  You can contact us to get more information about building your local event application.
It is obvious that any all the businesses opt or look for cost-effective yet efficient web or mobile development solution for their business. So, smart business people hire a team of developers or a development company to build their application. With this team of experts, you can easily handle tough situations and able to deploy your application safely. It is one of the safest ways to secure your resources, finance, and application to strategize your business success.
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