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Top 10 Tech Influencers You Should be Following in 2020 ( USA)

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Influencers in the US and around the world have taken marketing to another new level with their ability to convert or aware more people effortlessly. Many marketing Guru’s say that marketing shouldn’t be felt like marketing to the customer. Influencers can do that trick easily. They can promote your product as your customers are scrolling through their Instagram feed or Youtube.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the leading digital marketing strategies that are being practised today.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 tech influencers throughout the United States who are popularly exploring in the Technology space. Here is the list of the top 10 US tech influences to find and connect with the influencers that matter to you.

The top 10 tech influencers in the US to follow in 2020

Marques Brownlee   


Youtube Link: marquesbrownlee                                                     

Subscribers: 10.6M

Twitter: @MKBHD

Twitter Followers: 3.7M

Bio: Web Video Producer, Pro Ultimate Frisbee Player, Host of @WVFRM

Location: NYC

Justine Ezarik



Youtube Link: ijustine

Subscribers: 6.32 M

Twitter: @ ijustine 

Twitter Followers: 1.7M

Bio: I make tech and travel videos 🎮🐶📱☕

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Guy Kawasaki




Twitter: @ GuyKawasaki

Twitter Followers: 1.4M

Bio: Chief evangelist @Canva, board of directors @Cheeze, and brand ambassador @MercedesBenz

Location: Silicon Valley, California

Tai Lopez



Twitter: @tailopez

Twitter Followers: 697.3k

Bio:  Investor. Philanthropist. Mensa Member. Read 1 book a day. 10 million view TedX. Watch 67 Steps That Took Me From Broke To Driving Lambo

Location: Hollywood Hills, CA

Lewis George Hilsenteger



Youtube Link: unboxtherapy

Subscribers: 16.3M

Twitter: @unboxtherapy

Twitter Followers: 2.2M

Bio:  Where products get naked

Location: Toronto

Destin Wilson Sandlin


Youtube Linksmarteveryday

Subscribers: 7.89M

Twitter: @smartereveryday

Twitter Followers: 2.2M

Bio:  I’m Destin. I seek truth and share what I learn with others.

Location: Rocket City, USA

Jonathan Morrison



Youtube Link: tld

Subscribers: 2.68M

Twitter: @tldtoday

Twitter Followers: 523.3K

Bio: trying to make cool things

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Robert Scoble






Twitter: @ Scobleizer

Twitter Followers: 408.5K

Bio: Spatial Computing Research & Strategy @InfiniteRetina #spatialcomputing #VR #AR #AI #robots Utility not surveillance.

Location: Campbell, CA

Markos Moulitsas



Twitter: @ MeghanMBiro

Twitter Followers: 140.6K

Bio:  CEO @TalentCulture | #WorkTrends Wed 1:30 – 2pm EST Analyst – Brand Strategist – Podcaster | #HR #Tech #Digital #Entrepreneur #FutureOfWork @Forbes

Location: Cambridge, MA

 James Canton



Twitter: @ futureguru

Twitter Followers: 59.1K

Bio:  Futurist, speaker, advisor, founder, CEO Institute for Global Futures, author FutureSmart, Innovation Economy, ESGFinance, startups, AI, TEDx, xApple, xMediaLab

Location: San Francisco, CA


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