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How to Choose and Hire the Best React.js Developers for Your Project

Finding a reliable React developer can be a tough job for a business or an entrepreneur. As the front-end development of their business project is entirely dependent on the React JS developer. In recent days, t...


The Evolution of Google Maps

Digitization has transformed the world of maps. Technological advancements do the tricks into our life by changing our regular life into a digital space. They made our daily work more accessible, and every acti...


UAV/ Drone Lidar: GCPs vs. RTK vs. PPK

Today the advancements of LiDar grow gradually day by day for its high-quality accuracy and its cost-efficiency. If you want to know more about LiDar and different modes, you can read it here. In this article, ...


How Data Visualization Can Improve Your Business

Do you know the location of your business impacts success?  For any business with a physical brand image, location matters the most. Interactive maps and data visualization can help you analyze the best busines...


Building APIs with ROR and GraphQL

GraphQL is a query language and server-side runtime for API that prioritize and give the data exactly requested. GraphQL is designed to make APIs fast, flexible, and developer-friendly. GraphQL is language-inde...


How to Work From Home – A Remote Working Guide

The continuous spread of Coronavirus has forced the adoption of working from home. The pandemic has disrupted the normal functioning of companies all across the planet. As appealing it may sound, working from h...


What Is the Average Front-End Developer Salary in the US, the UK, and the EU?

Many companies across the world thrive to bring up a competitive advantage to their business through user interface and experience. The industry has faced more positive trends than ever before and expected. One...


What Are Spatial & Non-Spatial Data Formats In GIS?

In the GIS world, there are two primary data formats one is a vector, and another one is raster data formats. Raster data is a representation of images in rows and columns of pixel format, and it is a continuou...


Types of Digitization and Its Error in GIS

Digitization is a crucial technique for data and storage in GIS Development. It is used to capture the coordinates in point, line, or polygon format. The process of Digitization is expensive and time-consuming....