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Hi Jonas,
Thanks for dropping by. It’s not clear that you need help in handling whether the frontend or backend part of the Ajax API call, assuming you have mentioned about reading the data sent via Ajax in Laravel, Please go through this StackOverflow answer,
If you didn’t find what you’re looking for there, kindly reply me and I am really happy to help.

Thanks for your clear and nice articles regarding Laravel API and Laravel Resources, I am starting to learn Web Api in Laravel, If you have sample or articles regarding passing multiple parameters to Laravel API via Ajax, Please do Share.

Hi Anon,
Thanks for dropping a comment. The code is actually copied from a real project and reduced to very minimal for the blog. If you can be specific about the errors, I am really happy to fix them here.

Yep, nice! Do you realy test your code before publishing? There’s a lot of syntax errors just to see.

Hello Jamie,
I am glad my post inspired you to try, Thanks for reading. Please do reach out if you need any help in trying this.

Hello Vignesh,
This is really excellent post you have shared here.
Let me also try this method.

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