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How Laravel changes the development aspect for startups

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Laravel Development is on up-wave now, but Why Should You Choose Laravel?

Created by Taylor Otwell, Laravel is a PHP web application framework, designed with the intention of developing web applications following MVC – Model View Controller architectural pattern. It saves your effort and time and no wonder Laravel 1.0 has tremendously shaken the PHP community with its fast and simple web app creating techniques.
Features making Laravel Development Best Preferred:

  • Developer friendly with consistent coding style and proper documentation
  • Database seeding relieves developers from dummy or test data
  • Eloquent ORM features clean syntax, which is easy to understand
  • Blade, the rich template engine of Laravel makes HTML writing easy
  • Elixir helps running automated tasks such as, SASS / LESS / CSS / PHP nit test
  • Also, No need to write authentication code for every app created
  • Pagination feature helps paginating data automatically from database and this helps build APIs and web services easier
  • And, artisan CLI, integration of 3rd party services, Forge, dependency injection, default and directory structure are some of the best features of Laravel.

The Impact of Laravel on Web Development Elements for Startups:

Laravel Development - PHP
In other words, Laravel is the modular packaging system featuring dedicated dependency manager. It is integrated with different ways to access the relational database and utilities that aid in deployments of application. It also supports the maintenance of applications.
Here are a few elements about how Laravel can change the web development aspects for the startups:

  • It is easy to learn
  • Fun to master
  • Help community
  • Increased adoption rate, which means potentiality of finding more Laravelian peers in the nearing future
  • Constantly improving infrastructure
  • Also, Integration of various modules
  • Release of Version 5.1 with more advanced features providing long term support
  • Inclusion of startuppy stuff which are built in such as login via social media profiles, authentication and more
  • And, continuous innovation and adoption of new things makes Laravel best for the startups

Undeniably, Laravel is the perfect new generation web framework, which makes your development of your web application easier.

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