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10 Best Python Courses, Tutorials and Online Certifications in 2020

  • By Agira Technologies
  • February 5, 2020

Python is considered as one of the best programming languages that have no death at all as it has been in the tech industry for more decades than any other languages. This is ultimately due to its strongly active community of Python developers and technology experts contributing consistently to its growth. Being the most popular programming language, it is very simple and easy for any developer to learn. Python developers as data scientists are one of the highest-paid developers in the world. Despite the number of python developers, there is always a huge demand for python developers. So, learning python can be beneficial in 2020 and beyond. Here is the compilation of the best online Python tutorials, courses and certifications you should do from reputed platforms.
Many technology giants use python in their product development process. Some of the most popular python using tech communities are Google, Youtube, Instagram and many others. Take one by one of these courses for a breakthrough in your career curve. Although Python is now on the third most popular language in Tiobe’s index, you can expect it to reach the first position within 3 years. This high-level programming language is all set with its data scientists, web developers, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence experts.
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Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python From MIT – Edx

Price: Free (Pay for certificate)
Duration: 9 Weeks (14–16 hours per week)
For beginners
Being from one of the world’s best institutes, the course is created by three authors, John Guttag, Eric Grimson, and Ana Bell. This two-course sequence is aimed at providing all the essential knowledge required related to computer science, computational thinking and Python programming.
With that note, if you want to learn computer programming and Python from scratch, this is the course that you are looking for.
The lecture videos feature the latest version of Python (3.5). Besides, you will also learn more about the notion of computations, Python programming, simple algorithms, testing and debugging, and data structures.

Python Certification from the University of Michigan – Coursera

Price: Paid
Duration: 3 Months (12 hours per week)
For Beginners to intermediate
The course covers the introduction to Python’s fundamental programming concepts, data structures, networked application program interfaces, and databases. You will be able to gain all the knowledge required to develop a complete web application from data retrieval, processing, and visualization of the entire business logic.
You can learn this course in many languages other than English including Arabic, Chinese, Korean and German. The instructor is Charles Russel Severance, the clinical Professor in the School of Information.
Once when you complete all the core concepts of Python Programming, you will get an opportunity to apply the skills in a final Capstone project. If you wish to hone your skills further, you can take the rest of the other 4 courses in the program that includes Getting started with Python, Python Data Structures, Using Python to Access Web Data and Using Databases with Python.

Python- Plural Sight (No Certification)

Price: Paid
Duration: 11 Modules running 27 hours
For Beginners, Intermediates and Experts
This well-known online platform provides you with impeccable video training suitable for developers from beginners to experts. The best part of this course is that it has a clear road map that lets you take baby steps from a beginner into an advanced level Python expert. You would get to know about the applications of Python in several industries. More than 6 authors from many different industries have compiled this course to give you the essential points from each industry.
The Beginner Courses:

  • Getting started with Python
  • Fundamental concepts, functions and datatypes.
  • The objects, collections, handling exceptions and conditional statements.
  • Manipulation of numbers and words in programming.

The Intermediate Courses:

  • Unit testing and debugging.
  • The further fundamentals to coding, installing and managing your project dependencies.
  • Setting up our development environment.
  • Develop a project on the job board.

The Advanced Courses:

  • Advanced topics to build a full-stack web development project using Python, WEB2PY.
  • How to gain fine-grained control over attribute access.
  • Class object construction and advanced techniques to implement while using frameworks.
  • By the end of the course, you will be able to create your own web applications, applying the best practices.

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate – Coursera

Price: Paid
Duration: 3 Months (12 hours per week)
For Intermediates and Experts
This course is ideal for you if you are looking for a professional certification on Data Science and Machine Learning. If you wish to proceed with the further courses similar to this, you can find 9 courses provided by IBM to make you the perfect fit with the latest job-ready skills that are on-demand.
The program covers a wide range of data science topics including open source tools and libraries, methodologies, Python, databases, SQL, data visualization, data analysis, and machine learning.
You will get hands-on experience in the IBM Cloud using real data science tools and real-world data sets to help you build a data scientist portfolio for yourself.
Along with the professional Certification from Coursera, you will get an IBM digital Badge.

Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp – Udemy

Price: Paid
Duration: 25 hours On-Demand Videos
For Intermediates and Experts
This course covers everything that would make you a wonderful data scientist. You will learn to analyze data, create beautiful visualizations, and use powerful machine learning algorithms using Python. This is the most cost-effective, comprehensive and detailed data science course that you will ever get in Udemdy.
Some of the most essential skills including data visualization, the use of Machine Learning and introduction to all the useful Python libraries, frameworks and others.
Some of the skills that you would acquire are web scraping, using NumPy, Pandas, connect Python to SQL, use Matplotlib, seaborn and plotly for data visualization, and Scikit, linear regression, vector machines, language processing, deep learning and much more.

Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner by Microsoft – Edx

Price: Free (Pay for Certification)
Duration: 5 Weeks (3-4 hours per week)
For Beginners
This is the ultimate Python for as mentioned in the title, absolute beginners with no idea about programming. You will get hands-on experience at the end of the course with an in-depth look at the details of all the layers of Python concepts.
Get to know how to use Jupyter Notebooks on Azure, explore data types, variables, strings, input, testing, and formatting. Proceeding with that, you will learn arguments and parameters, along with conditionals and nested conditionals. Manipulate numbers and text, and learn basic troubleshooting for your code.
This course is instructed by Eric Camplin, the senior content developer in Microsoft.

Complete Python Bootcamp: From Zero to Hero in Python 3 – Udemy

Price: Paid
Duration: 24 hours
For Beginners and Intermediate
This complete Python guide gives you everything that a beginner and intermediate developers require. The course is made interactive with many interesting quizzes, tests and assignments. It also lets you build your Python portfolio using its 3 major real-time projects.
The course comes with a full coding screencast and a corresponding code notebook to making learning effortless. It starts by installing Python on your computer despite its operating system.
Some of the Python coding skills that you would acquire are Command Line Basics, Installing Python, Running Python Code, Strings, Lists, Dictionaries, Tuples, Sets, Number Data Types and other advanced methods.

Python introduction course – Data Camp

Price: Free
Duration: 4-5 Hours
For All level developers
As you would know, Datacamp is considered as one of the most programming course providers. Being known for its interactive courses, this Python course will introduce the basic Python concepts effortlessly into your mind. You will also get to know the advanced concepts including Python lists, Functions, and Packages.
You will also explore the python concepts that will let you implement data analysis. This certified course promises to import all the technical skills that you would need to become a python developer.

Learn Python – Code Acadamy

Price: Free/Paid
Duration: 4 hours
For Beginners
Being a leader in the online course platforms, it provides you with the best introduction to Python that is absolutely free. This course is one of the popular online Python courses available that has been enrolled by more than 4 million people.
This comprehensive Python course on Code Academy explains all the core concepts clearly with considered as one of the recommended courses for beginners to learn Python from scratch.
This interactive course will register Python concepts with intriguing quizzes and other activities.
You will master all the basic and intermediate skills in Python from its syntax, console, conditional flow, Functions, lists, loops and advanced topics in it.

Computing in Python by Georgia Tech – Edx

Price: Paid
Duration: 5 Months (9-10 hours per week)
For Beginners
It is a professional certificate program that is given by Georgia Tech. You will get to learn the basics to gain a solid hold on the foundation and learn to implement the fundamental concepts in Python. This expert’s instruction comes with 4 skill-building courses that take you to tour the computing concepts in Python along with its job outlook. So, it is the perfect combination of both theoretical and practical concepts of Python.

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