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Become A RoR Developer and Give Wings To Your Imaginations

  • By Agira Technologies
  • May 2, 2016

When choosing a career in programming, the first thing that you will have to decide is – what programming language you should start with. The choice you make will determine how you will excel in your career and where you will reach in future.
Programming languages can be categorised into many groups such as object oriented, logic based, functional and imperative. However, it is quite tough to learn the first programming language, since you will have a lot of concepts to understand and huge number of syntax and codes to remember. So it is vital that you choose a language that is comparatively easy to learn and easy to implement.
Ruby on Rails (RoR) deserves a mention here since it is a developer-friendly web application framework and allows the programmers to do more with less coding. Being a RoR developer, you can experiment a lot and give wings to your creativity.
With RoR, developers can try out new things and achieve the impossible, which means better job satisfaction. Moreover, with a huge number of web development companies adopting RoR development, you can also expect to get paid higher than other developers. A number of leading websites like Twitter, Hulu, eBay, SlideShare, etc. have been developed using Ruby on Rails, so if you want to create something equally amazing you must consider becoming a RoR developer.
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Here are some more reasons why you must consider taking up RoR as your first programming language:

RoR has an Easier Learning Curve

It is a lot easier to learn RoR than any other programming language. The codes are a lot cleaner and you can use pre-structured codes for quicker programming. This means you can develop real life websites and apps much quickly using RoR than using any other language.
RoR development focuses more on getting things done quickly, rather than writing too many codes.

Lots of Employment Opportunities

With more and more web development companies establishing themselves as RoR development company, chances of being hired as fresher are higher. Since RoR is considered to be higher level programming language, the demand for RoR developer will keep rising, so you can expect your career to grow leaps and bounds in the future.
Agira Tech is a example, that has established itself as a leading RoR development company and since then it has been recruiting a huge number of RoR developers.

Get Help At Hand

When working on a complex project, it is not unusual to get stuck at a point. In such cases, you can find quick help at hand, since the Ruby on Rails community is one of the most active and vast programming communities. Moreover you can attend conferences, meet-ups at every major city to upgrade your knowledge. This means you can always find someone to help you, whenever you get stuck.
Choosing Ruby on Rails has a number of benefits over other programming languages. It offers excellent security features and amazing database connectivity, so beginners can easily get started with their projects without having an in-depth knowledge about SQL and other security features. So as a beginner, you will have enough time to polish your programming skills and update your knowledge, while you keep working for a RoR development company.

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