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how we improved our team's productivity by automating things

How We Improved Our Team’s Productivity By Automating Things 

At Agira, mostly we work on service-based projects. To adequate this, we must be flexible with our working strategy to accommodate the needs of each project and clients but it implies a cost on team productivit...

10 useful command line tools for developers

10 Useful Command Line Tools For Developers

Getting into the Terminal (command line) is one of their worst nightmares for any developer at his beginning. But once you hang on it, then the terminal would be the best friend for every developer. That’...

7 Reasons Why Google Flutter Should Be Your Next Choice

7 Reasons Why Google Flutter Should Be Your Next Choice

Before divulging Flutter, We should know why organizations are often running behind hybrid applications development, and if you start cracking the reason then it should be either one of the reasons,First, The...


Laravel API – How to Build REST API with Laravel 5.5 / Laravel 5.6

Laravel is an excellent framework which nicely balances the gap between Symfony (The powerhouse of an enterprise framework) and Codeigniter (the small, easy learning framework). That’s the reason why Lara...