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Mobile Advertising – Learn To Integrate Google AdMob In Android

Mobile Advertising – Learn To Integrate Google AdMob In Android

Google AdMob is the effective & most popular mobile advertising platform that let’s developers to monetize their android. iOS apps with variety type of ad format. It is very useful particularly when y...

7 Reasons Why Facebook’s React Native Is the Future of Hybrid App Development

7 Reasons Why Facebook’s React Native Is the Future Of Hybrid App Development

  Mobile app development evolved as a simplified business solution, that acts like a tool that remains “easy to communicate”.  Usually, most of the companies or the clients will be looking for ...

How to use retrofit on android with Kotlin

How To Use Retrofit On android With Kotlin

  Kotlin Kotlin is a statically typed programming language and it’s runs on the Java virtual machine and also can be compiled to JavaScript source code or use the LLVM compiler infrastructure. It’s develop...

Reduce Overdraw from Your Android Application [ with example]1

Reduce Overdraw From Your Android Application

When an app draw the same pixel more than once in a single frame on the parent view and child views, then this will lead to event called overdraw. Overdraw is usually unnecessary, and best to be eliminated from...

6 Open Source Mobile OS Alternatives To Android in 2018

6 Open Source Alternative OS To Android In 2018

When we talk about the mobile world, We would fastly point to the most popular OS Android developed by Google, is the first completely open-source mobile OS. Now it’s totally occupied us by giving incredi...

How we improved the quality of android apps using Firebase test lab

How To Improve The Quality Of Android Apps Using Firebase Test Lab

Developing a quality android app are not always easy especially when it has too many features then we need to apply more test cases throughout the app. Moving one step ahead, In search of finding effecting tool...

How to deploy your web application to firebase hosting

How To Deploy Your Web Application To Firebase Hosting

On the process of elevating the development arena , there are lots of development platforms, and compelling tools were getting introduced every day. Gradually, We have been checking around all the tools. On the...

Kotlin for Android Development

Getting Started with Kotlin for Android Development

Google has officially announced that Kotlin is the first class language for Android and it’s getting evolving fast and expanding its features every day. We think you don’t want to miss this out. Get Started usi...