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Mobile App with ReactNative in 30 Minutes

Learn to Build an Application with ReactJS in 30 Minutes

ReactJS has become a versatile development platform for developers across the globe. It is a specially designed framework for performance and productivity. Today let’s see how to make a simple “note...

Improving Performance with Web Workers

Improving Performance with Web Workers : Learn How

In this Blog, You will learn how to improvise the startup app performance using Web Workers. Web workers are mostly used with Angular development, however, it is not specific to any particular application. Let&...

10 common mistakes that angular developers commit

10 Common Mistakes That Angular Developers Will Commit

  Being an Angular developer we might witness so many best practices & bad approaches while developing an application. Obviously, when we explore the best practices, of course, we will note it down in ...

Explore The Top 10 Angular Cli Commands To Boost Your Productivity

Top 10 Angular CLI Commands To Boost Your Productivity

Setting up a new project in Angular and creating all the necessary files would be a huge task and literally it might kill loads of our time. But the fun part is tools like Angular CLI is helping us to overcome ...

How To Prevent Memory Leaks In Angular Observable & ngOnDestroy

How To Build Rock Solid Ruby On Rails App With BDD

  What Is BDD ? Behavior-driven development is basically evolved from Test-driven development. It differs by written in different languages and it will improve the communication between tech and non-tech t...

Run Angular CLI repos directly in your browser

Run Angular CLI Repos directly In Your Browser

GitHub god is guiding us with limelight! Sounds crazy right? no we’re not joking, because only the developers knows the gratitude of having GitHub on their hand. Further more, jumping to the point, we all...

8 Useful Ruby on Rails Gems We Couldn't Live Without

10 Useful Ruby On Rails Gems We Couldn’t Live Without

Agira always has some strong fond with Ruby On Rails right from the beginning because Agira always has had experienced the power of Ruby On Rails in so many projects for years. In order to acquire that level of...

Active Storage in Rails 5

Active Storage In Rails 5.2 With Real Time Example

What Is Active Storage? Active Storage is a process that helps you to upload files to cloud storage like Amazon S3, Google Cloud storage, or Microsoft Azure storage. It uses local-disk based service for develop...

4 must known operators in RxJS

4 Must Known Operators In RxJS

  Rxjs Operators : – RxJS is the utmost helpful for those operators, even if it is observable concept also. Operators are the eminent pieces that allow critical asynchronous code to simply collect in...