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Create Micro-Frontends in Angular

Build A Micro-Frontend Application Using Angular Elements

Working on the frontend application is one of the coolest but complex works that a developer can do. The changes in front end development are the most common thing in web development. Especially, when we are wo...

Top 9 Must-Have Visual Studio Code Extensions for Developers

Visual Studio Code Extensions You Should Use in 2020

I have segregated the top 9 VS code extensions that were very useful to me for more than 3 years of experience in full-stack development.  When working on the project, it is very important to use the better edi...

Cloning a JavaScript Array in multiple ways

How To Clone A JavaScript Array In Multiple Ways

Hello friends, I’m here to discuss a demanded topic. In having 3 years of experience in web development. I frequently came across the questions about cloning a JavaScript Array. I thought why not write a...

How To Subscribe Multiple Observable In Angular Component

How To Subscribe Multiple Observable In Angular Component

Are you the one posting about the subscribing multiple observables in diverse forums but not getting the right answer or still looking for the right guide to look after?. In case if you got to see this guide to...

Top 10 Angular Best Practices & Tips

Top 10 Angular Best Practices You Must Know

Being a full-stack developer, I always had a special love on Angular that would always push me to explore something new in it every day. I had like to put all those effective & interesting tips together whi...

Explaining XSS, CSRF, Session Hijacking

Explaining XSS, CSRF And Session Hijacking

            XSS, CSRF And Session Hijacking                     XSS, CSRF and Session Hijacking are the web application vulnerabilities used to hack the user data by injecting malicious code or link or by usin...