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Building service oriented architecture using rails & kafka

Building Service Oriented Architecture Using Rails And Kafka

Whenever we’re building a service-oriented product, it must be integrated with a collection of services like chat and payments, etc. So, it’s obvious that it might lead us to face any conflicts whil...

Get the complete guide on React Redirect React Router

A Complete Guide For React Routing And Navigation

When it comes to “Routing concepts”, React has its own powerful routing techniques. Initially, React does not have any built-in library for navigation but later the React Community has been kept int...

Reactjs component lifecycle

Reactjs Components Lifecycle

React Js is a Javascript library which is specially constructed for User Interface. The role of this react component is that it will implement a render() method which will process the input and produce the outp...

Asset Pipeline - Rail On Rails 5 Guide

Asset Pipeline In Rails 5

Asset will help us with compression mechanism through which we can integrate multiple files into single file so when the page pass its request to the server then thankfully server will not take much time to loa...

11 javascript-utility-libraries-you-should-know-in-2018

11 Javascript Utility Libraries You Should Know In 2018

Surfing through the strongest and widely used programming languages in recent times, Javascript is raising top on the list. We have been using various utility libraries for past years. But deciding this librari...

How To Integrate Rails Application With Sentry - Rails Error tracking

How To Integrate Rails Application With Sentry – Rails Error Tracking

Sentry is an open source error-tracking system that helps developers to monitor and track the error which are getting triggered in our code.How Does sentry Work?Sentry provides an SDK for many platforms, fram...

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