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rails 6 features

Rails 6.0 Features – The Top 3 Great Features of the latest rails version

Rails is a web application development framework that is written in a language called ‘Ruby’. This language allows you to write shorter codes without compromising its functionality. While accomplish...


Representing Agira in Asia’s Biggest Ethereum Event

Being a tech enthusiast and a blockchain developer, the “Ethindia” conference is one of the latest technology events that took place in Bangalore. It is Asia’s biggest Ethereum Hackathon that is conducted by De...

Face Recognition With Python & OpenCV In Just 5 minutes

Face Recognition With Python & OpenCV In Just 5 minutes

OpenCV is a machine-learning algorithm, used to find faces within a real-time picture. Finding a face in the picture is not an easy thing.  We need to consider thousands of small patterns to produce the exact p...

Build web app with react and graphql

Build A Web App With React.js And GraphQL

 What Is Graphql?GraphQL is a new open source API standard which is a powerful alternative to REST API that developed by Facebook. GraphQL is a syntax that exclusively describes how to get data that hel...

How To Get Data Of Transaction History In Hyperledger Composer

How To Get Data Of Transaction History In Hyperledger Composer

Have you ever tried of getting the data of transaction history in Hyperledger Composer? If yes, have you succeeded in fetching data? or still trying to get but couldn’t find the right way to acquire the d...

Evlouation of Blockchain

Evolution Of Blockchain – Explained Through The Blockchain Generation

From being “A topic of discussion” to “Investment for entrepreneurs” Blockchain has gradually became the center of attraction all around the world. Over the 5 generations, Blockchain has...

Will Cryptocurrency Vanish Soon

Will Cryptocurrency Vanish Soon?

                                     Due to extensive interest on Crypto Currency, Literally there are more number of crypto coins are getting introduced, On this list, Do we really have any idea about the tot...

6 Genuine Facts You Must Know About Blockchain

6 Essential Q&A We Must Know About Blockchain

Blockchain Technology has huge impact on economy in recent times but many of us might have not clear about basics insights & facts of Blockchain. To overcome that, This blog is aimed to hit you to provide t...

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