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How to Work From Home – A Remote Working Guide

The continuous spread of Coronavirus has forced the adoption of working from home. The pandemic has disrupted the normal functioning of companies all across the planet. As appealing it may sound, working from h...


7 Best Practices for An Effective And Engaging Virtual Meetings

The virtual meeting is experiencing tremendous growth over the years. More than 60% of businesses utilize video conferencing for everyday operations. Today, technology-powered meetings are crucial in managing t...

ergonomic tips

Ergonomic Tips: How To stay FIT In a Work From Home Office Setup

Are you encountering any physical strains while working from home? If yes, most probably, you miss your ideal ergonomic situation at your workspace. But, you can surely have similar comfort accessible at home j...


How to Measure and Track Productivity of Remote Teams?

As a business owner, I could find the heat; we are sitting on due to COVID-19. Agira’s business model fits to help all the small and medium enterprises right away. I have been talking to our existing clie...

Tools for Remote Teams to Stay Connected and Productive

7 Tools Our Remote Teams Use to Stay Connected and Productive

Remote working has now become the new normal. Effectively managing the remote teams is the need of the hour. No or less human interaction and anxiety caused by the news brings in more distraction while working ...


10 Sane Tips For Working From Home During COVID-19 Outbreak

The Coronavirus outbreak has modified the lifestyle of the office commuters. As the world is fighting back the spread of 🦠 COVID-19, countries are practicing social distancing and quarantine to control the spre...

11 CEOs on the Books That Changed Their Lives

11 CEO’s on the Books That Changed Their Lives

Books are the gateway to knowledge and learning. Most of the CEOs and the game changers in the world read 4 to 5 books per month, says a brain fitness expert and speed reading coach, Jim Kwik.  Are you radiatin...

Software Engineering Vs Programming, What Is The Difference (1)

The Difference Between Software Engineering & Programming

One Eternal question from the fresher or junior resources who are joining the parade of IT industry Jobs is that “Is there a real difference, if at all; being a Software Engineer or a Programmer”. Well, most of...

All Years Are Awesome – 2019 Will Be Too

All Years Are Awesome – 2019 Will Be Too

  On every year, on the last few days on the month of December, people tend to evaluate the passing by year and get ready to welcome the new year with better hope. Looking towards the past and hoping for t...

Centralized Vs Decentralized Crypto Exchanges Which Model is Best

Centralized Vs Decentralized Crypto Exchanges : Which Model is Best?

The widely discussed talk of the crypto landscape is about DEX Vs. CEX (Decentralized crypto exchanges vs. Centralized crypto exchanges) in the recent past. Am going to give an overview of the definitions and t...