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10 Useful JavaScript Array Methods You Must Know

 Basically, Javascript array method is one of the imperial factor in development that helps us to write more clean and better code. Collecting the list of useful array method will surely help you from any...

Implementing page object model in ruby cucumber Watir

Implementing Page Object Model(POM) With Ruby Cucumber & Watir

 What Is Page Object Model (POM)Page Object Model (POM) is a design pattern, nowadays the POM becomes more popular in automation testing area. As it helps to create Object repository for web User Interfa...

Testing Rails applications – Complete Ruby On Rails Testing Guide

Testing Rails applications – Complete Ruby On Rails Testing Guide

 This tutorial covers the basic setup and complete test cases of rails application. Basically, Testing helps to develop the behaviors of an application & TDD(Test Driven Development) is one of the maj...

JSON Serialization in Rails_ A Complete Guide

JSON Serialization In Rails: A Complete Guide

 What Is JSON?JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format that encodes the object into a string. JSON is completely language independent. It is used in Java, JavaScript, Pe...

Angular vs React - Which is best for web development

A Guide for Web Automation Testing With Ruby Cucumber And Watir

 Cucumber is a testing framework, used to write acceptance testing for the web application. Thus follows basic concept of writing every test cases in human language. Here the term human language defines t...