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why we should choose Grape for building Rails API_ Learn to build Rails API with Grape

Why Grape Is Best For Building Rails API? Learn To Build Rails API With Grape

In today’s development world, one of the most important factor is to maintain proper documentation for complete life cycle of the development and it must be easy for any new developer to understand. Writing API...

Everything you want to Know About Associations in Rails

Everything You Must Know About Associations In Rails

Association is an important term for the rails developer as it gives you the power to induce relationship between the active records models to make a better database structure. It provides you simpler query opt...

Install active admin on Rails and explore its use cases

Installation And Uses Of Active Admin In Rails Application

Active Admin is a Ruby on Rails plugin used to create a easy and simple dashboard and administration style UI view and comes with lot of options like – Filtering, CRUD operation on table, Rails integratio...

Is Bitcoin is worth for online payments_ Check the benefits of using Bitcoins wallet apps

Is Bitcoin Worth For Online Payments? Check The Benefits Of Using Bitcoins Wallet Apps.

Overview Of Bitcoin WalletCryptocurrency or Bitcoin wallet, both stores two kind of keys called ‘public and private key’. That key can be used to receive or send the cryptocurrency. One Cryptocurrency wallet c...

Things to keep in mind while developing crypto application

Things You Must Know Before Investing On Cryptocurrency Trading

Have you ever experienced Cryptocurrency trading? or ever struggled to get into the Cryptocurrency trading Battle? Well we got you something useful yet informative this time. In this blog, i aimed to hit you gu...

Caching in Ruby on Rails 5

Caching In Ruby On Rails 5.2

In today’s web application world, Normally the owner of an application or the admin will not think/care about the caching until or unless they have not faced any issue with application performance or in other w...

Rippled Server Setup on Ubuntu 16

Rippled Server Setup on Ubuntu 16.04+

The exponential growth and evaluation of Ripple in last year is the sign for acquiring significant growth in Bitcoin.An Outline About Ripple:Ripple is the top emerging and trending crypto currency which you...

Sending Push Notifications to Android Apps & Angular Apps Using Ruby on Rails

Sending Push Notifications to Android Apps & Angular Apps Using Ruby on Rails

Leave all the conflicts you have with Push notifications, Now, Sending Push Notifications to Android & Angular Apps is actually super cool easy with the help of Ruby on Rails & Pusher service.Pusher is...

CMS In Rails Using Scrivito CMS

CMS In Rails Using Scrivito CMS

Introduction:In this article, I am going to give you all the details regarding Scrivito CMS, how to use Scrivito CMS for maintaining contents of a website using Rails framework, and also to create widgets usin...