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Implementing Web Scraping In Python Using Scrapy

 What Is ScrapyScrapy is an application framework which will act like a web crawler that mainly used to extract the data from the website. Today, our topic is very much bound to explore about Scrapy henc...

Install codeigniter in ubuntu 16

Install & Configure The CodeIgniter On Ubuntu 16.04.

While developing web Application we ought to spend lot of time on writing the same code again and again, So working with frameworks likely to reduce our risk factor and definitely will make our work easy. On br...

Guide To Setup JW palyer On Codeignitor

How To Embed The JW Player Into Website

JW Player is the most popular media player similar like Adobe flash player which you can use it on your website for Video and Audio play back.  Luckily it’s capable of streaming videos on all devices and ...

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