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Command Line Arguments in Python

Python command-line arguments provide a user-friendly interface to your normal text-based command-line program, same as other graphical user interfaces for applications. Command-line Argument Uses Till now we a...


Build Your First Web Application in Django

Before entering how to develop a web application using Django let’s know what is Django, how to install and then move to develop an application. What is Django?  Django is an open-source web framework that foll...

Python for Loops (Definite Iteration)

Python “for” Loops (Definite Iteration) Tutorial

What is Python for loops? Python For loop, as the name indicates, it is a looping statement that is popularly used by Python developers in all the programming languages. It is also referred to as a definite ite...

Switch case in Python

How to Implement Switch Case in Python

Switch Case in Python Tutorial In this blog, I’m going to explain how we can implement Switch case in python with various examples. Implementing Switch-case in Python can be done in one or more simple ways. Bef...

How To Convert Data Types in Python 3

How To Convert Data Types in Python 3

Before going to Data type conversion in Python procedure, you should have some basic knowledge of data types. Some of the most common data types in Python are numeric, string and boolean types. There are also b...

Top 10 Python tools for machine learning

Top 10 Python Tools For Machine Learning You Must Know

As we all know, Python is an expressive language with outstanding support. Python continues attracting millions of users all over the world. Exploring the Python tools will equally help us to master the Python ...

Top 10 Python tools for data science

Top 10 Python Tools For Data Science

Data science typically is helping us out to analyze & process the data and to extract the precise value from massive amounts of data which is loved by most of the professionals. Current generation has a lot...

A Guide To Create CRUD operation On SAILS & Explaining EJS

A Guide To Create CRUD Operation On Sails.js & Explaining EJS

If you ever struggled to learn Sails.js then this blog is going to be the perfect guide for you to get started with Sails. Well, this blog will help you with how to create a basic CRUD  Operation On Sails.js (C...