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Angular 6: Experts Revealing Their Favourite Feature & Who Inspired Them

  • By Akmela Priya
  • August 17, 2018

We all knew that the love for angular is keep getting increased in recent time due to it’s feasible features and flexibility over web development which makes the developer’s life more easier. Recently our Angular experts have got to work on one of our Geo-based real time data analytic project in Angular. While getting on it, this project demanded us to upgrade our project to the latest version of Angular 6 and that’s where all it’s begin. Yes! we got a chance to make an analysis over Angular 6 to bring some extended features which is ideally required our project.
On the go, one of our developers also shared his views and experience about experimenting angular version 6 features and how to upgrade yourself to angular version 6. Hopefully, it created a colossal impact to our readers and also to us. So, at the end, we took one step forward to take a deep analysis about the Angular 6 which is becoming more popular among the developers now.
Moving forward, we also initiated a twitter chat with the industry experts and developers from angular to know which feature they love the most in angular v6/v6.1 and who inspired them most in angular community. Without limiting with the small circle, we would like to share it with you all.
love angular
Before I start sharing the expert’s view, this year is running fast like a roller coaster especially for angular! It keep surprising us with lots of updated features and latest versions.

With the same excitement, let me share a few more information about the latest release of Angular 6 and it’s interesting features and hoping that would excite you too.


Angular V6.1 released with lots of bugfixes and features like Router Scroll Position Restoration, ShadowDOM v1 View Encapsulation, keyvalue Pipe, Schematics Chaining , TypeScript 2.9 and more. In case if you missed to note any of these, well we have added a quick report for your reference.

Angular 6.1 bugfixes
Screenshot from https://github.com/angular Change Log

angular v6.1 features
Screenshot from https://github.com/angular Change Log

To see the complete list of features and bugfixes Visit Angular changelog.

Expert’s Favorite Feature in Angular 6

To make this survey even more effective, we started asking the experts to know which feature is their most favorite one in Angular 6 and who inspired them most in Angular Community and we also got some cool replies.
Here are some of their interesting replies:-
Dan Wahlin1. Dan Wahlin : Chief Software Architect at Wahlin Consulting which is destined to provide consulting, architecture and training  on technologies like C#, ASP.NET Core, Azure, Docker, JavaScript, Angular, Node and more.

He also creates and contributes to software development courses for Pluralsight.com and Udemy.com.  He has authored/co-authored multiple books, written hundreds of technical articles. Alongside, he also authored technical documents for the big companies like Microsoft, Google and lot more.

Jacob Ashcraft
2. Jacob Ashcraft: A CEO at Side Software Company – which aims to provide custom information management and B2B solutions. He helps in providing useful, efficient solutions and services that bridge the gap between Systems Integrators’ automation services and their clients’ advanced technology needs.

3. Meligy :  A Senior Consultant at Readify  that helps clients to bring innovation in new technologies.  He also taking care of his Angular ng-sydney usergroup and you can also find him training people on Javascripts.

Loiane Groner
4. Loiane Groner: Full stack application developer with over 10 years of experience in developing enterprise applications and currently working as business analyst and senior Java/HTML5/JavaScript developer at an American financial institution. She is an Author of 7 book titles published worldwide by Packt publishing

Github Link : https://github.com/loiane

5. Brecht Billiet: Co-founder and Mentor at StrongBrew. He is also mentoring at Thoughtram. Brecht Billiet

Github Link : https://github.com/brechtbilliet

6. Dominic Elm : Co-Founder at MachineLabs Inc., Trainer Thoughtram, sportsman and also into design. Great software developer who has core experience in Angular, Firebase, ReactiveX, MachineLearning. Dominic Elm

7. Sam Orgill: Web developer having good programming skills in HTML, Angular, JavaScript, CSS, User Experience Design, Design & iOS Development. He loves doing art and creativity works for designing websites and apps. Also, you can find his free Angular 6 course on youtubeSam Orgill

8. Marine: A perfect fullstack developer who likes to play around web development. But Waite! She is more than that She is  expert in  exploring new technologies, series, animes, video games, books and tattoos.Marine

9. Yazan Aabed: Frontend Developer and JavaScript lover, having 3 years of experience he worked around multiple projects with ReactJS/AngularJS. Also, he likes to involve himself in writing blogs regarding React/Angular, also he never fails to gift us his own experience on working with those technologies. With strong passion towards Computer Science, Yazan Aabed completely believes on the statement that “Anything is possible with computer programming”.
Yazan Aabed

10. Sandre Elias: Quite interestingly Sandre Elias enjoys playing with Angular & IOT and recently he became an Sandre EliasGoogle GDE and that’s not the end, he is also the Owner of ESO Information Technology & Services in Breda Area, Netherlands.

11. David Müllerchen: Web Developer and JavaScript Evangelist, Angular coach, and Freelancer. He loves Angular, and Trainer at https://angularjs.de/. He also became a (GDE) Google Developer Expert in AngularDavid Müllerchen

From the conversation we had, It clearly states that angular experts and developers are more satisfied with the Angular’s recent releases and literally they are loving it the most because its makes their coding life easier and interesting like never before.

Who Inspired Them ?

Here we are the listing down some of the industry thought leaders who continues to be an inspiration to the developers, in various ways like educating and motivating them to explore more in this angular framework :-

1. Todd Motto      – 

Owner and trainer at Ultimate Angular, GDE ( Google Developer Expert) for Angular and Web Technologies. On the go, he is empowering nearly 40,000+ developers through online courses with the mission of making them experts in Angular.
GitHub Link:  https://github.com/toddmotto
todd matt

2. Juri Strumpflohner    – 

Juri Strumpflohner is a Packt author, web developer, tech lead, and architect focused on front-end technology. Over 6 years of experience, Juri has strong skill in developing JavaScript single-page applications with various frameworks, most recently he worked with Angular 1.x and 2.0. Also gets his feet on organizing software craftsmanship meetups, contributing on open-source projects, providing technical book reviews, tweets at @juristr, and writes technical articles on DZone.



3. John Papa          –

John is an excellent Web Developer who helps others to use the modern web technologies and usually speaks at events & gives his contribution in OSS. John posses interest in having technical discussions on JavaScript, TypeScript, Web Development, Angular, iOS Development, HTML5, NodeJS, C#, ASP.NET, Azure, Visual Studio Code, DevOps and the list goes on.

john papa

GitHub Link : https://github.com/johnpapa

4. Dan Wahlin      –  

Dan Wahlin is a world-renowned developer and instructor who has been teaching developers for past 15 years and has a knack for making hard concepts easy to understand. Both Google and Microsoft have recognized his contributions in the world of Web development and awarded him the Google GDE (Google Developer Expert) and Microsoft MVP awards.
Dan founded Wahlin Consulting which provides consulting and training services on Web technologies such as JavaScript, Angular, NodeJS, jQuery, HTML5, C#, ASP NET MVC, Web API, and lot more.
GitHub Link : https://github.com/DanWahlin

dan wahlin


5. David East     – 

David is Developer Advocate at Google on Firebase, specialized in placing executive interim managers into the NHS. David is the Associate Director of “Healthcare Interim Management” at Veredus. Besides, he also runs his weekly web newsletter via https://frontendnews.io/
david east
GitHub Link : https://github.com/davideast

6. Maxim Salnikov    –

Maxim is a Web Developer front-end engineer, also a (GDE) Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies & IoT. One of the finely emerged active public speaker & trainer with a focus on Technology and the founder of Mobile Era & ngVikings conferences.

GitHub Link : https://github.com/webmaxru

7. Manfred Steyer    – 

Trainer and Consultant with focus on Angular. Awarded as a Google Developer Expert (GDE) and Microsoft MVP who writes for O’Reilly, the German Java Magazine and windows.developer also he frequently delivers his awesome speeches at conferences. 
GitHub Link : https://github.com/manfredsteyer
You can start following these experts on twitter if you want to learn more and stay updated in this industry, .

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Hold on! the wait is not over! who knows? Angular’s next version can shock us more by revealing some awesome features than the current version. So let’s be thirst to explore more about Angular in future. Also, if you like to share few words about Angular or your most loved features then the comment box is open for you! Do post your opinions & valuable feedback’s with us and if you found it helpful then don’t forget to hit the share buttons to share your wisdom on Angular with the world.  Dont forget to follow us on Twitter here :  and join our twitter chat:)
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Akmela Priya

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