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All Years Are Awesome – 2019 Will Be Too

  • By Ganapathi M
  • December 31, 2018

On every year, on the last few days on the month of December, people tend to evaluate the passing by year and get ready to welcome the new year with better hope. Looking towards the past and hoping for the better Future is always the critical points for any human beings in this world.
Being an Entrepreneur, I end up doing the same activities [“Looking towards the past and hoping for the better Future”] whenever it is possible. Be on the day before payroll or before any personal vacation or before any long professional holidays or on any day when you wish to evaluate; I used to go through the “Evaluate and Hope” mode of thinking. “Evaluate and Hope” is a crucial spiral activity in any of the Entrepreneur’s life.
Haven said that I wish to write about the top 5 moments of the emotions and happiness Agira saw on this year 2018, for all of you.
1) Incorporation of USA entity (Agira Technologies Inc) based out of New Jersey.
2) Crossing the 50 Customer milestone since the inception,
3) First Agira Associate’s travel to Onsite [Atlanta, USA] and work along with the Client
4) Founders Day celebrations pumped with Fun & Learning sessions for one whole week.
5) In Agira we believe in Best, Work-Life Balanced Work Culture and True Relationships with Human touches. One of the best things happened in this year is that a real family level bonding developed between two individuals at Agira. These two guys are from our core team, and most of the Agirans know about their friendship. However, there comes a moment wherein this friendship goes beyond and the real moment of “Family Bonding” is floated out. On Shriram’s daughters first birthday function, he extended the privilege of playing “Maternal Uncle” role to Saravanan. In our part of the world, “Maternal Uncle” is the best and top family relationship anyone would consider as. This relationship blossomed between two individuals who are friends at Agira. Wish more such core bonded relationship formed every time.
Future is very green; regarding the opportunities showing up in front of us, new technology landscape expanding in our horizon, and scope for process improvement in terms of people engagements. Am sure Agira will make life better & beautiful for its clients & associates in 2019 also. Trust 2019 is also going to be an excellent year for Agira.
On behalf of Agira am joyful to say “Happy New Year 2019”. Want to take this moment to say “Thank You” for our clients, vendors, associates, friends and last but not the least our family members who are supporting us in bounds and leaps. God Bless.

Once Again wishing You All a Very Happy New Year !!!

Ganapathi M

Ganapathi M

CEO | Blogger | Speaker | Idea Evangelist | Help StartUps & SMEs | Man on A Mission | Curator | RotarianThe author is Ganapathi M, CEO, Agira Technologies. With a track record of around 14 years in the arena of technology, Ganapathi has an astounding passion for technology and is an enthusiastic entrepreneur. Being a people's person and a natural leader, he has built a strong and dedicated team of technology experts at Agira (#agiratech).