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7 Marketing Tips for Blockchain Startups

  • By Agira Technologies
  • May 11, 2018

Owing to the fast evolution of Blockchain. Every big, middle-level companies have started experimenting with Blockchain Technology to provide various services in Blockchain.
Modern influencers are more brainy than you think. They will not prefer to afford something without having an in-depth analysis of the services and technology they preferred to focus. They were likely to spare more time on online where they get engaged with more relevant industries updates and discussions.
However, One cannot stand until & unless building a substantial value on the ground. So, How could start up’s able to make a strong presence among this competitive arena?
Resolving this by Listing down the 7 best marketing tips for Blockchain Startups.

Utilize online Communities

Comparing to all other latest technologies, Blockchains has its huge passionate and loyal followers who were very attentive and active in online discussions. It’s good source for startup’s where they can promote Blockchain Services by making use of this online communities. There are diverse communication channels exists on the internet, but we preferably short out few community channels that could be best for you to reach more people in short time. To name few,
Quora: The biggest player that stands ideal compared to all other channels. Quora gives you a place to question any topics you like to mine, especially suits for blockchain in recent times. All the Blockchain enthusiasts will come together to answer the questions raised by you.
Eventually, you can also give your answers and opinions to any other geeks posted their questions. You will not be limited to less topics. It’s a huge platform so you can just dive and examine broad topics.
Reddit: People are using Reddit for the various topics and reasons, but it holds more source about Blockchain where you can even find the strange topics about Blockchain you have been struggling to explore.
Medium: Medium is another big online community platform like Reddit. But here you can find more sources on every topic you research. Moreover, medium will cover all the industries including blockchain and will never let us miss any technical updates. Alongside, it’s a great place for blockchain startups to play all around.
Bitcoin Talk: If you are the one wanted to read deep about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies then this is for you.
Twitter: More than being a social media platform, twitter is emerging as a massive community platform for all sorts of people that likely remains as the fruitful platform for technical geeks to ask & share precise details.

Leverage Social Media

First and foremost trait of every Startup would be Social Media Platform.
Your next target is to find your targeted audience on the influential social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and so on.
Ensure to engage them with daily updates and stay active constantly.

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Existing Clients Are The Real Source

In the process of finding new clients never forget to engage your existing clients. It’s always good practice to retarget your old clients as much as possible. Who knows, they might be the one looking forward to upgrading the business with latest technologies.
Note to yourself that every existing clients are the real source for businesses to step into the next level.

Provide Real-time Use cases for global challenges

Producing the real-time use cases along with the road-map should be the legitimate goal of every startup.
Think like a captain of the ship and try to find more real-time use cases as much as possible.
Discover the possibilities to use Blockchain in each industry and how we can rectify the problems they have been all these days.
Initially start with figuring out the crucial factors that need to be resolved today then build appropriate use cases and make a clear dilemma of entire project.

Build Professional Portal

It’s not about positioning yourself on the top, but how you are build trusted factors to attract the investors.
While giving birth to the streaming services of Blockchain don’t forget to maintain authorized professional portal that showcases all your proven techniques and in-depth analysis you hold in Blockchain. Did you get what we meant? Yes! We were talking about the blog section where you can mark your strength & core value of your businesses, projects features, future objectives and so on.
Engaging people across multiple platforms and producing more technical articles with the proven statistical reports are the key factor which makes the influencers to invest in startups.

Enhance The Cybersecurity

We can’t re-imagine the Data breaches that happened over the year that affected the millions.
Blockchain technology traits can be used all the way to reduce the exposure of data breaches. Clear transparency, decentralized mechanism, cryptographies are the combined source to improve the gateway of security. A note to ourself,that blockchain has been marked as the promising innovation for solving cyber-security issues right from the beginning of it’s entry to the industries.

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Use Site As Your Web Kitty For Manifesting

Today, there are endless start up’s sharing vast information through their website. But, rather than flowing out with more data, Producing perquisite information is what makes the influencers to have an eye on you. Always update your site with precise, most needed information and statistics. To achieve this, the website should picturize your business aspects like case studies, use cases, video surveys to portray. Thus will help the users to understand the scope behind your projects and business values.
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