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6 Factors To Consider Before Designing & Developing A Website

  • By Agira Technologies
  • June 19, 2018

More than being a Gateway, Website is becoming a marketplace for companies which allows them to make a trusted branding to promote their services or products. Let it product based or service based, for any growing companies we need a reliable website which should appeal both visually & functionally. On the go, From hosting to Designing to development, we should equally give importance to all the process to make it more effective. To take it forward, every structure or design of the website needs to be chosen carefully & every functionality needs to be conceptualized to provide the better user-friendly experience.

So, How?

We all have individual ideas & opinions, But, Having scattered result will never get us on the right track. We could see the result only when you make a rounded Agenda by collectively organizing your ideas.
Here is the best & customized agenda from our experts, Listing 6 factors to consider before developing a website.

Choose the right domain

In-case if you think What is there to do with the domain name? Then change your opinion. Yes, Your domain name is the right place to define your brand name. There are Billions of domains getting registered till now so before choosing your domain, make sure it’s unique, readable & it represents your brand or your service.
Moreover, Choosing a short name or URL is a good practice as it remains easy for users to easy to type & memorize. So even your temporary users would never have a chance to forget your site.
Additionally, This could also reflect in your site SEO because Google can easily crawl a short & precise URL. On other hands, while choosing your hosting plan, check for the server reliability, upgrading options, add-ons & limitations based on your hosting needs.

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Provide Security

Does your website compelling Security? No? Then Please do!
Enriching a robust security gateway is one of the predominant factor for all the sites. Whether the site is static or it handles the multi-level transaction, it never matter’s, it’s strongly advisable to provide security to prevent any businesses from data breaches & threats.
Remember, Lack of security will affect the overall reputation of your company. So always ensure your site is away from data breaches & malware’s regardless of its functional area. Overcoming this threads, you can consider adding certificates like SSL & BBB to your site to build strong security wall.

Build Mobile Friendly Site


Research says that over 70% users of the internet are mobile users and they preferably like to browse through the mobile devices than the system. So, Other than saying it’s essential, it’s mandatory for any businesses to make a user-friendly site for acquiring customers.

Google’s latest algorithm update, clearly suggests that our site needs to be mobile friendly otherwise the negative experience of our site will result straightly result in lowering the search results.
Plus, Make sure your site supports following prerequisites to produce mobile-friendly website.

  • Images should be automatically adjusted regardless of the mobile screen size.
  • Optimized page view for any screen size
  • Enabling easy scrolling & easy click-through actions
  • Ensure Structured, viewable Menu & Fast navigation’s
  • Place proper call to actions & Pop up’s without losing its upfront view.

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Choose The Right Platform

To put clearly, choosing the precise platform for development would be next door for your success. Yes! We are not joking. In the competitive arena, your website should stand tall with unique features & functionalities. The way it gives smoothy experience to your customers are the way to build strong, user-friendly experience with your customers. Therefore, while choosing a platform, be specific and know your need to choose the right platform. And, this would help you to segregate the site functionalities and theme features based on your businesses requirements.
Before starting a website, don’t forget to ask yourself these questions,
What is the key goal of your business?
Which programming language or Platform will be suitable for your business?
What are the various need for your customers to get into your business site?
Does your site meet all their needs?
Does it remains Mobile Friendly?
If you’re well enough to answer all these questions, then you could surely shine in your targeted niche.

Encourage SEO Friendly Code

There are N number of sites which are dumped with tonnes of messy code & remains unorganized as it remains hard to load the site. But now everything has changed. Developers are very smart nowadays. They likely prefer less code even for the complex functionalities and those codes are clear, optimistic & organized. So it would be even easier for the server to load the entire site in less time than the expected time. Hopefully, this SEO friendly code is an added source for your site which also helps search engines to easily address & crawl your website.

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Produce Quality Content

All these above list can define your success metrics, but the successful results driven will be driven only by the quality content. Content is the only effective way to connect with your customers which provides a bridge where you can talk, project your ideas, engage your customers all at same time. Therefore producing an original content will eventually get good health score for your site from both customer end & Search engines. So don’t fail to feed your customers with precise, informative & useful content to establish a trusted connection.
Ensure to check these 6 factors before developing a website for your next project. Likewise, Our content bucket holds pool of articles from different journals so you can concurrently explore more about any technologies here. Also, Let us know your comments & impressions on the comment section.
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