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Authenticating Rails Web services with JWT

Authenticating Rails Web Services With JWT

This blog will help you to set up simple JWT authentication solution for your Rails API. However, i have implemented many authentication solutions in our projects, but i personally felt that JWT is best and sec...

Asset Pipeline - Rail On Rails 5 Guide

Asset Pipeline In Rails 5

Asset will help us with compression mechanism through which we can integrate multiple files into single file so when the page pass its request to the server then thankfully server will not take much time to loa...

Laravel Eloquent Relationships - part 1

A Guide To Laravel Eloquent Relationships – Part 1

In our previous blogs, we had discussed more about Laravel and it’s features, also the future advancements and so on. But today we’re getting bit closer to Laravel and will jump into the world of La...

8 Useful Ruby on Rails Gems We Couldn't Live Without

10 Useful Ruby On Rails Gems We Couldn’t Live Without

Agira always has some strong fond with Ruby On Rails right from the beginning because Agira always has had experienced the power of Ruby On Rails in so many projects for years. In order to acquire that level of...

Caching in Ruby on Rails 5

Caching In Ruby On Rails 5.2

In today’s web application world, Normally the owner of an application or the admin will not think/care about the caching until or unless they have not faced any issue with application performance or in other w...

Build a Node

How To Build A Node.js API In 30 Minutes

The purpose of this blog is to guide you through writing a basic node.js CRUD (CREATE, READ, UPDATE, DELETE) API which you can use as a foundation for any of your applications. Though there are many node.js fra...

Reduce Overdraw from Your Android Application [ with example]1

Reduce Overdraw From Your Android Application

When an app draw the same pixel more than once in a single frame on the parent view and child views, then this will lead to event called overdraw. Overdraw is usually unnecessary, and best to be eliminated from...

Evlouation of Blockchain

Evolution Of Blockchain – Explained Through The Blockchain Generation

From being “A topic of discussion” to “Investment for entrepreneurs” Blockchain has gradually became the center of attraction all around the world. Over the 5 generations, Blockchain has...

How to own a Bitcoin_Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading platform

How To Own A Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading platform

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are few trending keywords in recent times, and we have discussed about them in detail in our previous blogs. With the success of Bitcoin, several cryptocurrencies have emerged and ...

Angular 6 Experts Revealing Their Favourite Feature Who Inspired Them

Angular 6: Experts Revealing Their Favourite Feature & Who Inspired Them

We all knew that the love for angular is keep getting increased in recent time due to it’s feasible features and flexibility over web development which makes the developer’s life more easier. Recent...