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10 Ruby tricks we should use to improve the code

10 Ruby Tricks We Should Use To Improve The Code

In our previous blog, we have clearly explained about the 10 must use ruby on rails tips and tricks that developers must follow. Based on the significant interests and reach of that blog here we are revealing t...


How To Get Fastest Internet Speed Using DNS Server

Can you ever imagine a world without the internet? Internet these days becoming an inevitable part of our lives. What do you love about the internet? From surfing the web to downloading files, sending and recei...

Generate Charts and Graphs using laravel

Generate Charts And Graphs Using Laravel

Using charts and graph’s to represent the data is the best effective solution for any website especially when the site has large data.  The idea behind this blog is to help you guys to generate charts and...

Active Storage in Rails 5

Active Storage In Rails 5.2 With Real Time Example

 What Is Active Storage?Active Storage is a process that helps you to upload files to cloud storage like Amazon S3, Google Cloud storage, or Microsoft Azure storage. It uses local-disk based service for ...

Android App Bundle _ Modular and Dynamic App Delivery

Android App Bundle : Modular and Dynamic App Delivery

Will you download and install the app which has unusual App size or which has hell large size which could completely own your mobile space? Obviously not, Rarely will do but only when the users got their specif...

6 Open Source Mobile OS Alternatives To Android in 2018

6 Open Source Alternative OS To Android In 2018

When we talk about the mobile world, We would fastly point to the most popular OS Android developed by Google, is the first completely open-source mobile OS. Now it’s totally occupied us by giving incredi...

Introduction to E2E Testing with the Angular CLI and Protractor

Introduction To E2E Testing In Angular CLI Using Protractor

 An Overview of ProtractorProtractor, formally known as E2E testing framework, is an open source functional automation framework explicitly designed for AngularJS web applications. Protractor acts as a w...

how we improved our team's productivity by automating things

How We Improved Our Team’s Productivity By Automating Things 

At Agira, mostly we work on service-based projects. To adequate this, we must be flexible with our working strategy to accommodate the needs of each project and clients but it implies a cost on team productivit...

Is Blockchain Suitable For Your Organization

Which Type Of Blockchain Is suitable For Your Organization ?

In recent years ‘Blockchain’ is the buzzword for technology and we have continuously discussed about its potentials and it’s use cases in our previous blogs. Also, one of our blog confessed the 3 types of...

Will Cryptocurrency Vanish Soon

Will Cryptocurrency Vanish Soon?

                                     Due to extensive interest on Crypto Currency, Literally there are more number of crypto coins are getting introduced, On this list, Do we really have any idea about the tot...