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10 Must Have Chrome Extensions for Developers and Designers

  • By Agira Technologies
  • February 6, 2018

Gone are the days when developers and designers had to work on everything in Developer console and spent much time on deploying it on live to check out the consistency.
In a modern era, why do we want to waste our time when we have integrated support for everything?
Google chrome has extended its support for designers and developers by providing customized and integrated extensions.
Let’s check out the 10 must have chrome extensions for developers and designers.


Wapplayzer, an extensive chrome extension used to identify and uncover the list of technologies which are used on websites. To make you more convenient, technologies are listed by categorizing into platforms and Frameworks like CMS, Web frameworks, Software’s, Analytic tools, etc.
Add it and Make your work easy with this extension so every time you don’t have to spend much time on finding it.
Add to Chrome

Project Naptha

We all familiar with copying text from web pages or documents while surfing through internet but how about from Image? Have you ever gave a thought to it? If not, here you go with Project Naptha, A perfect tool that will allow you to copy, edit, highlight, erase or even translate the text from the image.
Add to Chrome


Evernote is most used and highly rated extension will never let you miss anything that you liked the most. Wherever you get stumbling with new ideas, this extension will allow you to capture new designs, ideas, codes, contents and more.
You can save all things in one place and access them whenever you want.
Next time when you need something which inspired you. Then Nowhere to go just open your Evernote and use all you want.
It’s Easy Peasy Right!
Add to Chrome

Colorpick eye dropper

A simple extension that will allow you to pick any color you want and you can choose the value of that color.
Even it will facilitate you with zooming future so you can perfectly predict the exact color you want.
Add to Chrome

CSS Viewer

Now you don’t have to right-click on your webpage every time to check the CSS style. With just one click on the CSS viewer extension, you could easily get the entire CSS styles in a dangling neat sheet.
Add to Chrome

JQuery Injector

This extension allows you to insert the piece of JQuery code into the webpage so that you can directly check the output right from the webpage then you can use it on dev console.
What else? No more disruptions. To check the result, You don’t have to go to developer console every time, work on live and experiment the result without affecting the existing system.
Add to Chrome


Another cool extension will allow you to open and view the JSON data of every web page you work. With Just one click you can see complete JSON code without affecting the source code.
Add to Chrome


Usernap an end to end communication tool for both design and development where both end user can take a snap of screen and figure out the required changes. It will allow us to give feedback or suggestion with the snippet that pointed to the marked changes.
So, take a snap, figure it out by manifesting it and give your suggestions right from the webpage.
Add to Chrome

Web Developer

Play with codes on live and No more extra efforts! Experiment everything with few clicks.
With web developer now you can work on live and play with the forms, CSS, Tags, attributes, codes
Web developer a complete integrated extension which covers all incredible possibilities to provide the full-fledged tool to developers.
Add to Chrome

Web Developer Checklist

Another integrated extension for developers but this time no limitations!
You can uncover all the other possibilities to work on, like Analytics, SEO, Validations, Semantics, Code Quality, Performance, Mobile Responsibility, Social Media And lot more.
Add to Chrome
Hope we had possibly covered the list of 10 best extensions for developers and designers but technology will never have an end. Apart from this list, if you find anything interested in any other extensions then kindly share your valuable knowledge here with others. And if you are looking forward to more technical blogs about web development and mobile app development follow Agira Technologies a fast growing IT company, exploring upcoming technologies and exposing everything to help the right people at right time. For more queries always reach us. We love to hear from you!

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