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10 Best Angular DataTables Features You Must Know

  • By Vignesh Thandapani
  • June 13, 2019

Admin & dashboard management is an essential part of web development to emphasize the user browsing experience in navigating pages. Basically, we will use HTML to design tables based on input but this will not provide enough advanced features like data sorting, pagination, data filtration, responsiveness, and etc. Fortunately, we can do this with a simplified approach without writing extra codes. Our Angular developers are sharing the 10 best Angular dataTable features & try to implement it in your admin panel to improve the process.
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Features of Angular DataTables

  • Zero Configuration
  • Pagination With Option
  • AJAX
  • Angular Directives
  • Angular Advanced Custom Filter – Range search
  • Individual column searching
  • Rerender
  • Row click event
  • Multiple DataTables on the same page
  • DataTables Buttons extension

1. Zero Configuration

The Angular DataTables provide a zero-configuration feature which means most of the features will be implemented by default so just by adding the ‘datatables’ directive in the HTML tag (<table>) we can convert it as a datatable.
TypeScript Sample

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
 selector: 'zero-configuration',
 templateUrl: 'zero-configuration.component.html'
export class ZeroConfigComponent {}

Sample reference:

2. Pagination With Option

Now the Pagination can be easily done with the help of dtOption, we can use the dtOption for the page listing as it helps users with custom options to navigate & browse through the pages via multiple options like buttons, numbers, bullets, previous & next buttons, etc.
TypeScript Sample

import { Component, OnInit } from '@angular/core';
 selector: 'options',
 templateUrl: 'options.component.html'
export class OptionsComponent implements OnInit {
 dtOptions: DataTables.Settings = {};
 ngOnInit(): void {
   this.dtOptions = {
     pagingType: 'full_numbers'

Sample reference:

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As you all know, AJAX is another impressive feature that helps us to fetch the data dynamically from the server and render into the Datatable. Using this feature we can load the minimum required data into a data table to render the data as fast as possible without entire data.
Sample reference:

4. Angular Directives

The directive feature in Angular is another ultimate feature that we can use to manually trigger the Angular dataTable for fetching and showing the data which can be triggered at any time and we can achieve this using dtTrigger.
Sample reference:

5. Angular Advanced Custom Filter

Angular advanced filter helps us to do a custom filter on a particular column and we can also set the minimum and maximum range to filter the data through the search option.
Sample reference:

6. Individual Column Searching

If we want to search for specific data through the search option, you don’t have to check through all the columns instead of searching in a particular column. More often we all might come across the situation to extract the data from a single column. Now we can solve this using individual column searching.
Sample reference:

7. Rerendering Tables

Sometimes we might need to rerender the datatables to be fully functional. We can achieve this using DataTable destroy() API as this will help us to remove the table and to re-use the dtTrigger to render the table again.
Sample reference:

8. Row Click Event

This javascript function that lets us add “on click event” on each row of the table. Using this feature we can bind the simple click event to each row with the help of rowCallback to show the additional information of the particular row or we may trigger any operation if we want.
HTML Sample

<blockquote>Click the therow</blockquote>
<p class="text-click">You clicked on: <strong>{{ message }}</strong></p>
<br />
<table datatable [dtOptions]="dtOptions" class="row-border hover"></table>

TypeScript Sample

import { Component, OnInit } from '@angular/core';
 selector: 'row-click',
 templateUrl: 'row-click.component.html'
export class RowClickComponent implements OnInit {
 message = '';
 dtOptions: DataTables.Settings = {};
 constructor() { }
 someClickHandler(info: any): void {
   this.message = + ' - ' + info.firstName;
 ngOnInit(): void {
   this.dtOptions = {
     ajax: 'data/data.json',
     columns: [{
       title: 'ID',
       data: 'id'
     }, {
       title: 'First name',
       data: 'fName'
     }, {
       title: 'Last name',
       data: 'lName'
     rowCallback: (row: Node, data: any[] | Object, index: number) => {
       const self = this;
       // Unbind first in order to avoid any duplicate handler
       // (see
       $('td', row).unbind('click');
       $('td', row).bind('click', () => {
       return row;

Sample reference:

9. Multiple DataTables On the same page

If you want to set one or multiple data tables on the same page then you can achieve it with the help of these features which help us to fetch and show the multiple dataTables on the same page. This way you can avoid facing unwanted issues like destroying the data or overlapping or failing to load the data.
Sample reference:

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10. DataTables Buttons Extension

The Angular DataTables button extensions provide a set of pre-configured buttons that can be used anywhere on the application without any customization. This features also let us perform various operations like showing/hiding particular column, copying complete records from the data table, CSV export and inclusive of so many API methods.
Sample Reference:
Using the above-mentioned features of Angular DataTable, we can implement many features in HTML table and make it more user-friendly by helping the users with interactive features. Start implementing it & give your users convenience in navigating through the pages and don’t forget to post us your comment below to help us understand your results.
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