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Legacy Revitalization


Many of the companies might say “Legacy” means “Old”. But we would like to call “Legacy” as “Successful”. We believe that the legacy piece of software which has been part of the business process that has run the companies cannot be simply waved away with an attractive magic wand. The new software has to preserve all the activities the legacy software has been taking care of.

Agira Technologies Legacy Revitalization Services (LRS) transforms legacy software into high-performance, easy to use applications designed to respond quickly to suit the present day’s business needs.

We should remember, legacy systems are successful and very mature, and most likely have been in business for a long period of time. When the systems were built they were constructed with available technologies then. The real challenge for the legacy system back-boned businesses are to maintain the older technologies and to include/update new functionalities of modern times.

We always insist that any application needs restructuring only to meet valid business goals. Our methodology starts with an overall assessment of the entire application environment to identify potential areas for revitalization.

We help our customers to take a holistic approach to modernize the legacy platforms. The revitalization may include

  • Technology Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Version Upgrades
  • Technology Upgrades
  • Framework Upgrades

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce the total cost of operations
  • Optimize business processes to maximize performance
  • Accelerate Implementation to quickly deliver measurable results
  • Minimize business disruption during migration

Reasons for Revitalization:

  • High Maintenance and upgradation costs of legacy systems
  • Legacy software does not integrate well with new IT systems
  • Limitation on extending the product functionalities
  • Lack of productivity tools
  • Complex development lifecycles resulting in longer time to market

Our capabilities with the tools and technology, development/migration methodologies, and open source platforms, enable us to deliver the best possible modernized solutions for our clients.  We could incrementally roll-out the changes in existing production environment, manage the dependencies until the final cut-over without impacting the customer business.

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